By-Laws of the International Raymond Carver Society

I. Name
The name of this organization shall be The International Raymond Carver Society, also referred to as the IRCS.

II. Mission Statement
The purpose of the IRCS shall be to encourage the worldwide interest in and study of the works and life of American writer Raymond Carver (1938-1988). The IRCS shall promote activities that lead to the exchange of ideas and information about Carver, such as sponsoring sessions at conferences and gathering appropriate material on the IRCS web site. The IRCS shall work towards facilitating communication between scholars, students, and general enthusiasts of Carver around the world.

III. Membership
Membership shall be open to anyone interested in Raymond Carver and who does not hinder the work of the IRCS as described in its Mission Statement. Membership shall be free of charge; registration shall be through the IRCS web site or by contacting the Executive Committee. All members will be listed on the membership roster to be published on the web site.

b. Membership Privileges
Members shall have free access to the IRCS web site and may request to have relevant publications listed there; members shall, if they so wish, be on the IRCS mailing list to receive calls for papers and other IRCS information. Members may chair sessions hosted by the IRCS, submit proposals for activities, and be selected for panel or roundtable presentations. Members may also attend the annual IRCS meeting; this meeting is to be held at the ALA convention unless another venue is announced on the web site.

Members who have been on the roster for 12 consecutive months may partake in nominations and vote in elections of officers and may also be eligible for nomination.

Members may do volunteer work for the IRCS that is approved by the Executive Committee and in line with the Mission Statement.

The Executive Committee reserves the right to turn down or cancel a membership if a member behaves in such a way as to hinder the work of the IRCS as described in the Mission Statement; this includes inappropriate or offensive behavior toward other members or that reflects negatively on the IRCS.

IV. Executive Committee and Advisory Board
a. The Executive Committee shall consist of a Director, two to four Executive Officers, and a Bibliographer. Members of the Executive Committe shall be chosen from at least two countries; both genders shall also be represented. The Executive Committee shall be jointly responsible for all administrative, secretarial, and organizational functions of the IRCS and shall pursue these functions in accordance with the Mission Statement.

The Director shall have the particular responsibility of leading the Committee, presiding over the annual IRCS meeting, and dividing tasks among the officers in a fair and functional manner. The Director is also the official contact person of the IRCS with regard to any affiliations the organization seeks or upholds. In the case of the Director’s absence from, or inability to perform, any of the above responsibilities, an Executive Officer may temporarily perform that responsibility.

The Executive Committee shall appoint a Bibliographer whose task shall be to compile and update a web site bibliography of relevant material on the life and works of Raymond Carver and related topics. The Bibliographer shall also, upon request, publish member publications on the web site. In the case of an Executive Officer's absence from, or inability to perform, any of his or her delegated responsibilities, the Bibliographer may temporarily perform that responsibility.

b. The Advisory Board shall consist of four to six representatives either
appointed unanimously by all of the officers of the Executive Committee or approved by a two-third majority of the IRCS members who are eligible to vote. Representatives on the Board shall be chosen from at least two countries and both genders. The Advisory Board members shall assist the Executive Committee in reaching decisions pertaining to the positive development of the IRCS with reference to its Mission Statement; they shall be consulted especially in manners pertaining to special interest areas of Carver studies, and may also be consulted in the selection of participants in conference sessions (in cases where there are more submissions than available slots) and similar activities.

V. Elections
a. Elections shall be held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the IRCS.

b. Officers of the Executive Committee shall be elected for a four-year period. The Executive Committee shall provide for electronic nominations and voting in years when fewer than half of the IRCS members can attend the meeting.

In the case of a vacancy or resignation between periods, a new election shall be called in conjunction with the next annual meeting. This system is intended to provide for a natural rotation of officers. If there is no such rotation within the first two periods of the Executive Committee, the IRCS shall propose an amendment to the By-laws providing for rotation of officers.

c. Nominations and voting eligibility
Any member who has been on the roster for 12 consecutive months is eligible to vote, eligible for office, and eligible to nominate other members for office. Nominations must be signed (or sent electronically) by at least three eligible members and submitted to the Executive Committee by the deadline announced on the web site.

d. Waiver of section V.c.
During the first four years of the IRCS’ existence, May 2005-May 2009, the eligibility period for voting, nominating, and sitting in office may be shortened or waived if the Executive Committee deems this necessary for recruitment purposes. If fewer than half of the members on the roster at any given time have not been members for 12 consecutive months, this waiver shall also be in effect.

VI. Amendments
These By-laws may be changed or amended either by a unanimous decision of all of the officers on the Executive Committee and the Advisory Board, or by a two-thirds vote of the IRCS members.

These By-Laws were adopted January 31st 2007